Meet Jason

Hey! I'm Jason, and I think you're awesome!

Really. You're taking some of the precious time out of your day to read about me and my story, and that's pretty cool, so I promise to make it fun, short, and interesting!

Jumping back a little here to my childhood, I have always been pretty creative, and quite entrepreneurial. Growing up with both my parents always being self-employed, this came naturally to me. When I was eight, I sold chestnuts found outside my uncle's wedding venue (or conkers, as we call them in England) to the almost entirely drunk guests at the evening reception. Hey, no shame here!

Little me!

My ventures didn't end there. My biggest focus has been in running my own photography and film business, starting when I was 13. As with anything else, it takes time to build a business up. It started simply enough - with Jason Haywood Photography and a Facebook Page. I grew with my brand, culminating most recently in my success at the Skills Canada National Photography Contest in New Brunswick, where I was honoured to be able to compete and place gold in the nationals for student photography across the country.

JAson at the Skills Canada Closing Ceremony 2016

As for Bumblebee Consulting, I am in charge of everything marketing and media - a pretty big challenge for a 18 year old! My experience lies across many areas, including teaching (both adults and kids), photography, videography, graphics, web design, writing and copy, marketing, and social media. The best part is that these are things I do with a smile - for me, these are my passions, and I can't wait to meet and help so many innovative people around the Niagara Region make their businesses even better!

Yeah, good luck finding me without my camera!

Personally, I love cooking, learning Spanish, travelling, swimming, playing the piano, going for bike rides in the balmy summer weather, and creating! Oh, and I'm British, moving here in July 2010. So yeah, I have an accent too!

So, thanks for getting to know me a little better - muchas gracias! Have you checked out my mum's story yet? If you liked reading about me, I'm sure you'll find her story pretty cool too, and the link is right here.

Wanna talk? I'd love to meet you - click here to get in touch!