Business Consultancy

So, you have a business. In the beginning, you felt so passionate about it, and you made that first leap to try something new. To take a risk, knowing that you really wanted to start a new adventure. You put in all the hard work, had plenty of sleepless nights, then finally opened for business, and that was awesome! Everything finally paid off... but you're still not quite where you wanted to be.

Sound familiar? Anyone who has ever run a business, whether that person is your next-door neighbour or Richard Branson, will agree that ownership has its ups and downs. 

Business consultancy is kinda like that one great friend who you can always confide in, and while we may not be much use in discussing relationships and all of life's problems, we are ready to help you through the ebs and flows of business. 

Whether you started your business ten years ago, just started, or are thinking of starting, we can help you achieve your goals. A different perspective can make all the difference. Even then, having a great business consultant is more than that. With experience across a wide range of sectors, from hospitality, retail, spa and aesthetics, media, education, marketing, logistics, customer service, and operational management, we have the real life background and knowledge to give you meaningful insight into your own business. 

We actually offer two types of consultancy: One to One and Peer Group.

So what do we do? Take a look!

One to One

With One to One consulting, it is all about you and your business. Your experience is custom tailored to meet your specific needs, making this our most personal option.

Here is the basic process which each session will follow:

1. Initial consultation and Discussion

We'll discuss general business background, skills, experience, and attributes to establish what areas are working well, and what areas have gaps.

2. Analysis

We'll look at the identified gaps together, and generate ideas to find effective solutions.


We'll figure out the next steps that you can implement into your business to reduce and eliminate your key problem areas.

4. ongoing FOLLOW up and support

Don't worry, we're not going to leave you on your own! While you're working on making your business better, we're here to guide you along the way, and to answer and questions or worries that may arise.

5. Review

What worked and what didn't? Let's realign your goals and devise your next steps to continue moving forward.

Peer Group

Our peer groups are run a little differently! Our sessions are limited to eight people per session. We've found this is the perfect number, allowing the meetings to be friendly and close, while making the sessions affordable for everyone. 

Considering the diversity of interests in the peer group environment, the content and activities of each session vary, and evolve with the group. These may include:

EDUCATION and training


Hands-on activities





These sessions are lighthearted in nature, yet at the same time, thorough in content.

There is always plenty of room for a coffee, light snacks, and some fun!