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Hey! We're Bumblebee Consulting, and our job is simple – to help you and your business grow.

Statistically, businesses who use the services of a professional consultant have over double the chance of surviving the first five years. And that's where we come in! With the powerful combination of twenty years of old school know-how and millennial expertise, we aim to provide a fresh, new and exciting experience for our clients.

Are you ready to soar to new heights with your business? If so, welcome - we're glad you're here!



Business Consultancy

Statistically, businesses that work with a mentor stand a much better chance of success. No matter where you are in your business journey, we're here for you with our friendly approach to small business consulting!



Stand up, commercial, bespoke, or off the shelf training, delivered at your workplace or at a venue of your choice (you decide). Some typical examples include: Business Development, Communication and Customer Care, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, and Personal Development training.


Marketing and Media

Having a great brand, online presence, and marketing are critical to reach your customers. Let us make this easy for you, by using our in-house services in web design, film, photography, graphics, logo design, branding, social media, and digital marketing to give your business an edge.



Bumblebee Consulting hosts unique and exciting events aimed at local business owners, those considering becoming self-employed and the general public! We offer specials throughout the year, including business headshot day, marketing and media classes, training workshops across a variety of disciplines and more!



Liz Woodward

consultancy and training

With countless years of experience in various industries including beauty salons, nail training schools, retail outlets, commercial and government training provision, cleaning, consultancy, and even bar and hospitality, Liz has a wide knowledge base across many fields of business. Her vision as the sole proprietor of Bumblebee Consulting is to create a brand and company which breaks away from the traditional 'blue power colour and black tie' look and feel. European-trained, she has a range of qualifications including a Higher National Diploma in beauty therapy and business management, various certifications in commercial and vocational training, assessing, internal and external verifying, and UK level 3 and 4 awards in education and training. In her spare time, Liz enjoys gardening, is an avid reader of crime novels, enjoys Mexican food (yum!), and watching the latest blockbusters.

Jason Site Profile.jpg

Jason Haywood

Marketing and media

Here at Bumblebee, Jason's in charge of all marketing and media. The 'whiz kid' of the company (as well as being Liz's son), Jason starting testing the waters of his own entrepreneurship at the age of 13, starting his own photography business.  At just 18 years old, he already has a wealth of experience in media, filmmaking, teaching, graphics and web design, advertising, and social media. Jason is a perfectionist with a captivating personality and a great sense of humour. An exceptional student, he is well liked and gets on with just about everybody he meets. In his spare time, Jason enjoys photography and film, cooking, travelling, spending time with friends and family, as well as other quintessential teen stuff!


Ultimately, there are a million reasons why you may be holding back: I'm too busy, I can’t afford, I can manage on my own, maybe it will turn out okay in time, and so on. However, you only need to consider one question: why I should!

Free Initial Consultation . . .

Bumblebee Consulting offers a full hour initial consultation absolutely free of charge (within our service area), so you can see what we can do for you! Sometimes that first step is the most important action you can take to really make a difference. It is a great opportunity to meet with us to discuss where your business currently is, and where you want to be.

Offer Flexibility in Times and Schedule . . .

We can offer appointments at times which suit you and your business, as opposed to rigid office hours. Running your own business doesn't always fall into the traditional hours, so whether you need an early morning, late evening, weekend, or anything in-between appointment, we've got you covered!

Fresh Eyes See New Things . . .

When you are right in the middle of things, you can sometimes overlook the bigger picture. We add enthusiasm, support and energy to you and your organisation, while creating positive one-on-one relationships. A new perspective can make a world of difference.

Provide Strong Direction From Deep Expertise . . .

We provide strong technical direction that comes from deep expertise and experience across a range of industries. We provide you with a clear vision of the future with the steps to take in order to reach your goals.

Can Help Keep You On-Track . . .

We will drive you forward by helping you complete tasks on time and holding you accountable for personal and group performance. We'll assist you in creating new goals, and working towards completing them.

Affordable and Valuable . . .

We are affordable and like to give value added (bang for your buck). That's why we strive to make every meeting meaningful and super productive. Our initial consultations are completely free, and our pricing structure is competitive. There are also a variety of payment options that you can choose from, including cash, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Interac, and more.

We Understand Firsthand . . .

We have actually started, owned and operated various businesses, so we know and understand firsthand the myriad of problems which can be encountered on a day to day basis. It's easy to feel isolated, and we get it. We're ready to help you with your next step, are you ready to make it?


Ready to take that first step? Contact us using the form below! By the way, we offer a FREE one hour consultation session as long as you're within the Niagara Region. Awesome! 

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